Our wine estate has a historical vaulted cellar where we store a number of rare vintages. We can offer various outstanding Riesling wines that have matured in perfect storage conditions. Our treasure trove contains wines and vintages that go back to the 1970s.

Here, you will find wines with a noble natural sweetness and good ageing potential and fine dry and medium-dry Rieslings from various years alongside mature Spätburgunders or Pinot noirs. Are you looking for a certain vintage? Then please ask us! Fine wines need time to mature. A mature wine can have an incredible finesse. Riesling especially, grown on the best plots to produce a low yield, elaborately selected during the harvest and carefully vinified, is suitable for long storage. This is true of top dry and off-dry wines and especially of Riesling with a noble sweetness that is perfect in the glass after years of maturing.

Noble-sweet top wines, to which great value is attached at Ratzenberger Winery, are a perfect way to mark outstanding moments in our lives. From Auslese (select harvest) to Eiswein (frozen grape harvest) to Trockenbeerenauslese (select dry grape harvest) we can provide you with the right wine for your very special occasion.